Cover image by Kavel Rafferty

ARTY 44: Reveal/Conceal

Summer 2021

This issue of Arty is concerned with how hiding can be revealing. Whether the screen you construct is a full face of makeup or the formal appearance of an artistic style, the accoutrements of concealment, which may be born out of necessity, are always fascinating and sometimes even beautiful.

In the issue we consider glamorous surfaces that conceal complex interiors as well as marks and materials that disguise and obscure what lies beneath. The issue takes in Jackie Collins, inexpressive faces on-screen, Edouard Vuillard, psycoanalysis, Anna Atkins, unveiling an artwork, dreams, the exposed mechanics of cinema, Karl Jung, concealer, wigs and doctored photographs.

Arty 44 contributors are: Luke Burton, Jennifer Campbell, Alison J Carr, Sarah Cleaver, Annabel Dover, Luci Eyers, Laura Fairrie, Imogen Peckham, Kavel Rafferty, Martin Sexton and Mary Wild.


Cathy Lomax

July 2021




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