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Arty 31: Tainted Love

summer 2012

This issue of Arty is an accompaniment to the touring exhibition of the same name, as well as a stand-alone examination into a very particular kind of love. This love is generally one sided and always deeply felt. It often manifests in ways that might be considered obsessional, strange, dangerous or sad, it is almost always unrequited yet there is something darkly magnetic about it.

Arty 31 contributors are...
Bridgette Ashton
with The Andy Gibb & Victoria Principal Story
Sarah Cleaver
with Fashion Love
Alex Michon
with From Caritas to Coarse
Zoe Pilger
with Waiting For the Call
Karys Rhiann
with Goodbye First Love


A large part of the issue is taken up by a series of interviews between the artists who are in the Tainted Love exhibition. The artist’s names were drawn in pairs from a hat, so the interviews were not planned in advance. It was then left to each pair to interact in the way they thought best. Topics covered include The Smiths, favourite dinner party guests, Joan of Arc, Aleister Crowley, Andy Warhol’s Blowjob and there is even a special guest apperance by the great Donald Sutherland.*

Cathy Lomax v Alli Sharma
Annabel Dover
v Paul Kindersley
Hayley Lock
v Georgie Flood
Jessica Voorsanger v Kirsty Buchanan (the full unexpurgated text here)
Alice Anderson v Andrea Hannon
Corinna Spencer v Mark Scott Wood



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*Donald Sutherland did not actually conduct an interview.
In fact, he has no idea that an interview has even taken place.