The publication ARTY is low budget, has no photos just drawings by the artist/contributors, does not distinguish between artists and writers and thus bypasses that feeling of us and them. It’s a confident publication that knows its audience like any fanzine does and is sharply relevant because it can address what issues it likes.
Paper delivered by Althea Greenan, Senior Librarian, Goldsmiths College at Unframed

It does what it says on the tin. Arty is a fanzine written by artists about art – of all shapes and sizes. The latest Arty is ‘The Film Issue’ and includes a series of pieces of writings and drawings inspired by cinema. What’s refreshing is that while most magazines concern themselves only with what’s new in film, Arty switches from meditations on Dirk Bogarde and a study of Vincent Gallo to an essay on children in films. Arty’s take on cinema is as much about the viewer as the films themselves.
Dave Calhoun in Dazed and Confused, Apr 2002


Nadia Hebson

Morning Star
Notes on the Margins - Felicity Collier / April 2017

b Magazine Autumn/Winter 2011-12